Friday, April 21, 2006

It is FRIDAY!!

So I love Fridays because that means no work for the next two days and lots more time to get in running and relaxing.

Running update...I ran 3 miles last night, but still felt a bit sore in the shins. The training program I'm doing involves training runs three days in a row with mondays and fridays off and then a long run on either Saturday or Sunday. I was thinking that the 3 days in a row is a bit much, and thought that maybe I'd try giving a day break somewhere in there at first, until this shin issue resolves itself. Also, I have been fitted at a running speciality store for shoes, or so I thought. The new shoes I bought 2 weeks ago have been giving my shins all sorts of problems, so I'm going to go back to the store tonight to see if maybe these aren't working for me this time around.

Poor little Coco is currently getting her insides taken out. She was SO cute this morning. She is usually quite a spaz dog, but this morning she laid on her back and let me tickle her little was the cutest thing in the world. Luckily my mom is fabulous and dropped her off at the vet for me. I don't have the heart to do it and I had to get to work...BOO!

I'm contemplating adding pilates or yoga in once a week to the workout schedule. Maybe that will increase my poor flexibility some more and help recover on the non running days...I HOPE!

Tara's Dream of the Day: To look like this, minus the cartoon qualities! And to be able to give leis as a job instead of working in an office everyday of my life . . . oh what a dream! :) Here's to you Leppa!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pale as Can Be

So I just realized that I'm going on vacation in almost four weeks and that I will burn in the hot Mexican sun if I don't get some "pre-tanning" in. Hopefully this weekend will allow me to sit outside and soak up some sun here in Chicagoland. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

On the running front, last night I went to the gym again and lifted and really stretched my legs out. When I got home I iced my shins for a while. This morning they don't feel so tight or sore. So I'm hoping that my easy three miles tonight is just that...nice and easy with no tightness or pain in the shins.

ALSO, I was wondering if any runners out there experienced feet swelling/growth with the onset of training for marathons. Lately I feel like all of my shoes are so tight. I'm not sure why they would just grow, so maybe they are just swollen, but they don't look like it. Hmmm....

Hubby is home today with the pups studying for his second to last medical school exam. He is telling Coco that her little surgery tomorrow will be ok and that she'll never miss her ovaries at all! Poor thing!! :(

I am going to order some non-cotton socks today as well! Woo-hoo. I think I am going to try some of those Wrightsocks double layered jobbies. Hopefully they work nicely for me.

Tara's Dream of the Day: To move to Maui and learn how to surf. This is really more than a dream. I really want to move to Maui or some other amazing part of Hawaii one day. I pray that we can retire there, or at the very least eventually get a condo there. I love everything Hawaii. I cannot wait to go back!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No More Cotton Socks and Dreams of Makena

I vow to no longer commit the cardinal sin of running. I will ditch my cotton socks and find some good new "moisture-wicking" ones. Suggestions are welcome! :)

Regardless, I am a bit frustrated today with my runs this week so far. Last night I did my three mile training run and it HURT. I did a long run of 6 miles on Saturday and I think that I was still suffering from that. I tried my best to strech out the shin pain I was experiencing, but it just stayed there throught the run.

THEN, this morning I got up to get today's 3 miles under my belt before the evening and I couldn't even do all 3 miles because of chin pain. :( I am sad about this and hope that with some more stretching it will get better soon. Any tips on how to avoid terrible shin splints. I think that I may have jumped to 6 miles too soon for my long run. I have been doing 4-5 mile long runs on the weekends though. ARGH! I'm gonna stick with it and stretch it out alot tonight. If the rain holds off, I'll take the doggies for a long walk too. Maybe that will loosen up any tightness also.

It is so odd how one day 3 miles can seem SO easy and the next it can hurt SO bad. When will this stop!?!

Tara's Dream of the Day
To be back at Makena Cove with my hubby soaking up some sun! NOTE: That beach, right there, is where Nick and I were married almost 9 months ago. That was the best dream come true so far in my life!!

NOTE: Even if I don't get to go back to Maui this year, the plus side is that in 32 days I will be in sunny, warm Cancun with the hubby and family. I'm not counting down the days or anything. :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gear Poll

Ok, so this is my attempt to find out what the best running gear out there is as well as some basic info about long distance running.

I want to know:
  1. What are your favorite type of running shorts/pants? I'm not a fan of mine and need some new ones to try out.
  2. Do you use a "fancy" training watch that keeps track of pace/distance? If so, give me the scoop.
  3. Running socks--do I really need to get something other than the basic cotton ones?
  4. When will all of this running chaffing occur? When can I expect to become injured from a long run in this fun manner so that I will need to use "lube" of sorts. :)

Ok I think that's it for now, but chances are there will be many more similar polls to come for all you experienced marathoners.

Running Later

So, I was lazy per usual this morning and didn't get up when my alarm went off to do a morning run. I have this thing/obsession with the snooze bar that Nick cannot stand. I purposely set the alarm for at least 30 minutes before I need to get up. Then I snooze, and just like sleeping so much that I just keep on snoozing . . . right until there is no more time to snooze.

As a result, I will have to run tonight after work. I'm planning on an easy three miles. I hope I that my training intensity is good for now. I think we are going to sign up for the full Chicago marathon this weekend. YIKES! If anyone has any first time marathon tips or training info PLEASE let me know. :) I am currently following the Hal Higdon training guides that are free online. So far my longest run has been 6.25 miles. I did that in around an hour and 5 minutes.

ALSO...please forgive any annoying changes to this blog format. It is still a work in progress. I am also trying to figure out how the heck to upload pictures. I'll keep trying. Maybe if I get bored at work, which is likely, I'll write more about the training program I'm trying to use.

Off to work now...


Here is picture of our little Coco.

And lets not forget Peaches!

Monday, April 17, 2006


About Me: Attorney, wife, aspiring runner, perfectionist, dreamer

I am new to blogging. I am also relatively new to running. I was a competitive swimmer from the time I was about 5 thoughout high school. I met my wonderful, amazing, gorgeous husband in undergrad. I thank God everyday for bringing us together, or more bringing me to my senses. Nick, my husband, and I got married last August in Makena, Maui.

A few days before we got married, I took the Illinois Bar Exam, thought I failed, but obviously didn't. I packed my bags, bikinis, and wedding gown and got "MAUIED." We had the best time of our lives. My husband is graduating medical school in a month and will begin his 5 year residency in Radiology. We have dedicated the past 8 years of our lives to upper education and are now ready to get on with our lives.

Why Running?

Being the perfectionist I am, in combination with the increased obsession with my growing waistline, decided to take up running. I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8K on April 2nd. This was the longest run I ever completed. My goal was to finish all 5 miles around 50 minutes. My sister and husband were both supposed to sign up for the race also, but they missed out and sign up closed before they could register. So I ran ALONE, without my IPOD!! To my surprise I finished just over 47 minutes. The last 1.5 miles KILLED, I clearly went out way too fast with not enough training under my belt. But after the run, I felt so proud of myself. I have never been a good runner. Running is the polar opposite of swimming. So much pounding and not enough water. But I have it now...the running bug.

Therefore, I have signed up to run the Chicago Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon on August 13th. I am trying to work up the guts to just do it and sign up for the Chicago Marathon too. I really want to, but I am so AFRAID that I won't be able to do it. I will do it...I have to sign up.

This blog will obviously be mostly about my training and all things related. But I am a DREAMER and I get these new ideas and goals in my head so often. Hopefully I will learn alot about myself during this training and through the blogging. As a novice runner, I look forward to learning from fellow bloggers. I've already been on the sidelines stalking quite a few running blogs, which I will shortly figure out how to add to my blog.

It is my husband, Nick's 26th Birthday!! Happy Birthday baby! Unfortunately we may not get to do anything too special this year. We have to take our puppy, Coco, to the vet. She is getting fixed this weekend and she has to have her "pre-snip" checkup. After that, maybe we can make a nice dinner, OR even get a nice dinner together. Just so he knows, if he reads this, I adore him more than anything in the world. What a lucky lady I am.

About me

  • I'm Tara
  • From Chicago Suburbs, IL
  • Still feeling defeated by my injury that prevented me from running the Chicago Marathon this year, I've decided to refocus!The new focus of my life and this blog is to train and prepare for TWO half marathons next year. I'm also *DREAMING* about gearing up for a triathlons, but have no bike right now. :)
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