Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's Official

I finally signed up for the Chicago Marathon. YIPPIE!! I'm very anxious/nervous but excited at the same time. My husband also signed up, but I know he will be running way ahead of me in a significantly faster pace group!! As many of you know, I deliberated long and hard about this decision. After this past week of running, I feel confident that I can complete the race so long as I stick to training consistently.

Since last Friday, here are my runs:

Saturday: 8 MILES (SO EXCITED I DID THIS...this was my longest run ever)
Monday: 2.5 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles

Tonight I will do 4 miles again. After being able to do the 8 miler on Saturday without much exertion, I feel that adding miles will just be a matter of pacing myself and gradual increase. I am super excited!!!!!!!! So on August 13th, I will be running the Chicago Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon as part of my training for Chicago.

In other news...I put the scale away! It really is the devil. I feel like I've been working so darn hard to lose the 10 or so pounds I have put on since my wedding for the past 3 months and yesterday the scale said I gained weight!! Insane and annoying. I am going to try my best to focus on the way I feel and look instead of what the scale reads. But, for a technical chick like I am, this is damn near impossible.

I cannot wait to run tonight...wish this day would go faster and I'd get out of work now! But I have to get back to work...just wanted to post this because I am super excited about the marathon!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Two 4.5 Milers in a Row

So I'm pretty excited about that...granted I still haven't dragged myself off the treadmill, but I still feel great. On Wednesday and Thursday evening I ran 4.5 miles. That is a FIRST for me and it felt pretty darn good. I have upped my days of training per week from 4 to 5. I feel like the 4 days just wasn't enough to build the mileage I wanted to. I'm going to go the gym this evening and I really want to just run maybe 2.5 or so. Tomorrow is going to be my long run day...I'd like to do 7 or IF I'm feeling great, maybe even 8!!

I am addicted to running...I love it and look forward to it. I am still on the fence about registering for the marathon because I definately do NOT want to injure myself and cut my new found running love off or disappoint myself because I overtrained and did too much too fast. At the same time, I really think I can do it. I know it won't be easy, but I'm up for the challenge. When do you think the latest time is I will safely be able to register? I'm leaving for vacation from May 19th-31st. Should I commit before then to be on the safe side, or just see what happens by the time I get back? I just am torn. What is everyone's opinion on when Chicago will sell out?

My wonderful hubby has finally finished his medical school career. So now he is off until the end of June, which is when he will begin his long 5 years of residency. I'm so proud of him...this is totally a shout out to the best guy in the world! Congrats baby! Even if that wasn't enough, he has been at home doing errands and chores without me demanding it. What an amazing husband I have!!

In other news, Phillipe (you know who you are) has made me extremely excited to visit Cancun. We will be going to Xel-Ha, an awesome natural water park...wonder if there will be fields for him to run in there?! :)
Tara's Dream of the Day: To get the heck out of the office and get to the gym. Shouldn't be too much longer...I HOPE! Maybe if boss lady would leave, I could too!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gotta Keep Running

Who is the biggest blog slacker ever? That would be ME! Thanks to Jennifer I am back on track. Check on her blog, she just gave us ladies another reason to spend more money!! Thanks Jen! I will promise to try and be better this time around. It doesn't help that I have been crazy busy at work and that my sister has hijacked my laptop from my home.


Running has been going just OK. I still have yet to transition myself from the "dreadmill," which I actually love, to outside running. I am such a technical person that I love seeing the miles, time, and calories add up on the treadmill. Also, living in the suburbs makes for difficult exciting outdoor running areas. I've found a few places I'd like to try running including trails and some other bike paths, but the subdivision I live in does not motivate out door running. I know I have to just get out there already and do it.

So this leads to my new issue: POLAR or GARMIN?! If anyone has tried a Garmin Forerunner or the Polar RS200sd, please gives your raves and rants. I really want to know the ins and outs of these watches before I drop a large amount of cash on them!

Here are the two I'm contemplating:

Garmin Forerunner 201

Polar RS200sd

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, I will be leaving for sunny HOT Cancun in exactly 16 days. Can you tell I'm excited? Soon I will be enjoying myself and tanning myself (ok maybe burning myself)! I keep delaying signing up for the Chicago Marathon. I know I want to do it, but should I?! I really, really want to do it. But at the same time I keep having minor set backs that keep me from just biting the bullet and signing up. For example. I had a pretty great week and a half of runs. Then I went to an out of town wedding this past weekend, wore crazy 4 inch stillettos all weekend and missed my "long run." Monday I get on the treadmill and instead of my standard 1 mile or so shin pain I experience a stabbing pain in the instep of my foot for my entire run or should I say "run/stretch/walk/run" of 3 miles. I wanted to scream...hopefully tonight is relatively painless and I'll be back on track. I'd like to think those "torture shoes" did it to me. Grrr...thoughts/inspiration on just signing up!?!? Help me out guys!

Again, sorry to be a blog slacker, but I think I'll be back on track from now on.

Tara's Dream of the Day: To be a stud runner chick...ok, I'd just settle for runner chick. I am dreaming of the Chicago Marathon...should I or shouldn't I?!!?

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