Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend Update

In sum, my weekend was busy but productive. Running is going well...I'm feeling pretty excited that I'm sticking with this training. I am so excited that I am slowly but surely becoming a RUNNER! So here is the weekend in review . . .


First things first. I got a raise on Friday. I'm SO thrilled about this because I've only been at this job for like 4 months. I've never discussed my job or work on here much...but to make a long story short I changed jobs in February and was very nervous that I was maybe making a rash decision. The firm I worked for after I passed the bar SUCKED. It was horrible, the partners were evil and the work was boring. I always wanted to get into healthcare law and doing insurance defense work was the farthest thing from that. One day I got fed up and found a job posting on line and applied for it. I interviewed and was offered the job on the spot. This was on Valentine's Day. I debated it briefly because it involved a small pay cut, but my happiness was more important than money. I took the job and couldn't be happier. I no longer hate going to work. I like what I'm doing and feel like I'm learning so much. One day I hope to take everything I've learned and maybe do hospital administration or in house counsel work.

So non-work related...I got home from work and had to deal with freaking Comcastic f-ing up things at my house. We were supposed to be getting HD/DVR installed at the home and the technician sent out (don't really think he even graduated high school and highly suspect he was stoned out of his mind) had NO CLUE what was going on. So we knew we weren't getting HD and I had to spend over an hour trying to work things out on the phone with the comcastic retards. Finally, they agreed to send a more qualified technician out on Saturday to remedy the situation...more on that later.

So after that stoner left my house, Nick and I went to pick up a few little furnishings for the will follow later...I promise. I'll show you all the fun home improvements we have done over this past month. Then we went to get some GU for our 9 miler. We bought Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla Bean. Reviews to follow!

Then we went home, had some pasta and crashed!


The alarm went off at 5:45 a.m. I DID NOT EVEN PRESS THE SNOOZE BAR!! Go me. I was hoping to see some clouds when I looked out the window, but unfortunately there was not a single cloud in the sky. So we hurried to get ready and headed out for the 9 miler before it got to blazing hot.

So, we got to the Old Plank Road trail (which we both love to run on). It was a sweet find because it is similar to the Lake Front Path...long and flat. While there is no lake, there are alot of trees and people on it. So it makes the run more pleasant. Anyways, we started out running and it felt pretty good. I told Nick I wanted to run slow...and he agreed that he would run slow because he was nervous that he wouldn't even make it to 9 miles. But boy did he! :)

We cruised along for about 2.5 miles and then we hit our first water fountain. Quickly stopped to drink and wet my head because I already felt like I was overheating and then picked it up again. The next water break was at about 3.3 and we drank quickly and continued along. When we got to 4.5 we stopped quickly to take our Gu's. We decided that we would split the Vanilla Bean at that point. It really wasn't bad at all. I liked it actually. Then we ran back and stopped for some more water and split the second Gu...Chocolate Outrage. I didn't like this one as much because it was MUCH thicker and not as tasty. After this we ran and kept running. With about 2.5 left we took our last water drink and finished home. I made Nick run ahead of me for the last 2.5 because I felt like I was holding him back. He didn't get too far ahead of me...this was kinda cool!

Interestingly around 7 miles I started feeling noticable chaffing pain on my inner left thigh on my collar bone. I also started feeling my socks rubbing on my skin. None of these things have ever happened to me I think I should start using Body Glide on my long runs on these areas? Does that seem about right for all you other Body Glide users?

Anyways, on the last .5 mile homestretch my song "You Get What You Give" came on my Ipod and I just got all choked up. Tears formed in my eyes and I couldn't help but smile because dammit I was almost done with freaking 9 miles! I was proud of myself and just finished as strong as I could. I'm happy with the run and proud of myself for sticking with the training. I cannot wait to do the 1/2 Marathon on August pumped!

For all of you who like to see are mine from the 9 miler.

Mile 1 - 9:53
Mile 2 - 9:30
Mile 3 - 9:43
Mile 4 - 9:21
Mile 5 - 9:32
Mile 6 - 9:50
Mile 7 - 9:34
Mile 8 - 9:35
Mile 9 - 9:21

Pretty happy about the splits. Maybe I really can run under 10 min miles for the marathon? I dunno, I didn't feel that I was pushing too hard on this run at all. What does everyone else think? I really don't know what my marathon pace should be because I've never ran one before. I guess I can figure out my pace after I run the 1/2? My only real race was this year's Shamrock Shuffle, which was 5 miles in 47:13. What do all you experienced runners think of my long run times? Am I really running too fast? Help if you can! :)

So after the long run, Nick and I got some bagles at Dunkin Dounuts and got ready to go to a jewlery show at the Rosemont Horizon. Fun times ... we went with my mom, my sister, and her boyfriend.

Then we just watched Pirates of the Carribean on USA. Great movie...we never saw it before. Then we crashed and slept and slept some more.


Sunday we were pretty tired. We went to the bank in the morning and then pretty much had a napathon all afternoon. We passed out on the couches with the puppies and then I woke up and went to do some cross training. That's right, I did cross train this week. I only did 35 minutes on the Elliptical, but did 4 miles. Then I did some situps. I'm hoping that one day I will be confident enough with my abs to run in a sports bra...but until then I will stick to the long tank top sports bra type shirts.

For you ladies who like those types of shirts...I found the best one this weekend. It's by New Balance and it has these awesome pockets in the back for Gu/Sports Beans/Keys/ isn't cheap ($40-$50)....but it is a well made quality running top. It does hold the "girls" in....minimal bouncing and it has a mesh back so it is nice and cool. Check it out...I bought mine in black and am thinking about ordering another one already because I liked it so much!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to the 2nd Hottest Doctor

My husband is, of course, the first hottest doctor ever.

But Dr. Jack from Lost (Matthew Fox) turns 40 today. I bet all men wish the age as beautifully as he does. For all you Lost fans out there, HOW EXCITED are you for next season?! Best show ever!

I'm Melting, Melting!

Ok fellow bloggers, this pretty much captures the way I feel with this nasty humid, hot soupy weather we have going on in the Chicagoland area. Fortunately, I decided to bring my shorter runs this week into the gym onto the treadmill to avoid over heating myself. However, tomorrow's 9 MILER is an entirely different story.

I will not run 9 miles on the treadmill for several reasons, including:
  • I think running on the treadmill is substantially easier than outdoors;
  • I do not like resetting the treadmill after 6 miles because I loose some sense of accomplisment when I have already run 6 and it is telling me I have done zero;
  • The chances that it will be this hot and balmy for the CDC 1/2 Marathon are HIGH, so I must do it outside now and get used to it;
  • I just want to do it outside and prove to myself that I can run that distance on ground and not a movable tread.

So I am going to have to wake up extra early on Saturday (one of the only days I can sleep in) and take my butt out to the Old Plank Road Trail and run and run and run some more. I'm going to slow it down and try and run 10:30 pace, which may be difficult because when I'm outside I seem to always run faster than I do on the treadmill. I guess I should be on the path ready to run the 9 miles no later than 7am. ICK! So that means the alarm will go off at 6:20, to allow myself ONE snooze. :)

For all you snoozers out there...I think this cartoon explains the desire to snooze very well. Some of my best dreams occur during my hour long snooze period in the morning. Don't know why the hubby can't understand my snooze desire!!

Nothing much exciting to report on my other 3 milers this week, except that they were both on a treadmill and run in approximately 30 minutes. So until I am finished with tomorrow's SOUP RUN...

Good luck with your long runs this weekend everyone!! Stay hydrated and good luck staying cool!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ick! Could It Be Any More Humid?

In response to that question...yes, yes it could! Our Mexico trip wasn't that long ago and oh how humid it was there...but much more tolerable because of how gorgeous it was. See for yourself...

So, this morning's run did not go well because well it did not go at all! LOL. I had good intentions, I swear. The alarm went off, but that evil hand of mine hit snooze and hit it again and again. So you get the picture...morning run did not happen again. But it was pouring this morning when I woke up, so I decided I'd save the run for tonight.

When I got off work it was HUMID. Nick and I debated heading into the gym to use the Dreadmills, but then decided nah, let's just do it outside. We started off the run, it was hot and wet. Then about 1 mile into the run it started raining. Not a downpour, but enough to cause some serious wetness.

I think because I skipped cross training my calves were super-d-duper tight and of course I had to stop and stretch after 1.5 miles. But eventually the legs loosened up a bit and I got ambitious and just kept running. At one point Nick yelled to me through my headphones, "Hey how much further?!" At this point we were almost to 3 and about a mile or so away from the car. I told him and he was like what the heck. So we walked for about .2 miles and then ran one more for good measure.

All in all, 4 miles were ran. I only have accurate splits for the first 3 because of the .2 mile walk escapde. :)

Mile 1 = 9:25
Mile 2 = 9:35
Mile 3 = 9:33

Monday, July 10, 2006

Running Updates from Week 3

Ok, so here are my running updates from last Thursday and Saturday's long run.

Thursday's 3 miles (I think Garmin was acting odd)
Mile 1 = 10:37
Mile 2 = 10:27
Mile 3 = 9:45

Saturday's 5 miles
Mile 1 = 9:30
Mile 2 = 9:22
Mile 3 = 9:43
Mile 4 = 9:50
Mile 5 = 9:11

Ultimately the run was ok on Saturday. I was hot and thirsty. Luckily I made myself drink after every mile and I think that was my saving grace! Nick ran with me, I got annoyed with him running behind me at one point and made him go ahead. Drafting definately annoys me, unless of course I'm the drafter. Being the draftee is no fun!

So this brings me to the confession that I did NOT cross train again on Sunday. I blame it on finding a side table for my living room and a stain for the mantle. Needless to say I feel guilty and fat. I really need to do cross training and start an abs routine....seriously need to work the abs otherwise I will NOT, I repeat will not be a happy camper wearing a bikini in Vegas next to my sister in Vegas! YIKES....

So another high annoyance factor. WORK SUCKED TODAY. I had conference calls all day and wrote like 3 memos and then had another conference call with a client and my boss at 4:30. The freaking call lasted for TWO, I repeat, TWO hours...I was beyond pissed because I really wanted to run tonight. However, because I'm a good wife and because I hadn't seen hubby since Saturday night due to his on call escapades in the hospital I stopped and bought FAST food for dinner and just came home.

I have now consumed a grilled chicken sandwich, french fries, and one Mike's Hard we speak I have some Edy's Slow Churned Light Peanut ButterCup Ice Cream next to me to consume. So I must sign off and get a bit chubbier.

RATING of this ice cream: 10 out of 10 on the delicious scale. For all you calorie and fat conscious readers...this is a MUST MUST TRY! YUM YUM. Plus, peanut butter = protein right?! HEHE!

I will RUN tomorrow morning and do my 3 miles!! Have a good night all.

Mantles and More

I know, I know, where the heck have I been right?! Well lets say in addition to running my summer away, I've also decided to tackle some semi-major home improvement additions and projects. This was all done in order to prevent me from looking for a new home to buy...I'm terrible since we have only lived in this townhouse for .... oh, just a year a 3 months!

Anyways, I will give a full running update with splits galore after my 3 miles tonight. But I just wanted to give a shoutout to my amazing husband!

You see, since we purchased the plasma to mount over our fireplace I decided that we MUST HAVE A MANTEL so as to not damage the beauty with heat! A mantle will deflect heat you know!! So anyways, problem is that we could not simply buy one of those cute little simple prefabricated mantle shelfs to mount above our fireplace because our fireplace is situated in the oddest of fashions. SO, we had to custom build one ourselves. We came up with this idea on Friday and low and behold after our 5 miler on Saturday we went into Lowe's all sweated up and did some purchasing of wood and other such materials.

The hubby and I and my parents worked on the mantel, but Nick mostly did everything. He built an entire mantle FROM SCRATCH in about 4 hours. It still needs to be sanded and stained, but overall I love it! I will post before and after pics once I take the darn pictures.

Given the fact that Nick is going on sleep deprivation from his first year of residency, I consider this to be an amazing feat! He is a hell of a husband...I'm one lucky chica! So this post is really a dedication to my husband ... who is currently trying to catch up on some sleep. He was on call all day and night and got no sleep whatsoever at the hospital. Despite this, he came home and told me he was "gonna get to sanding right away." I demanded that he put that off and eat and get some well deserved sleep! Anyways, here is to my new mantel and mostly to my amazing hubby!! Luv u sweetie!! Hopefully he isn't mortified that I posted a larger than life photo of us for the whole internet ... well, ok for my few selected readers ... to see! I will post my running info later!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Plasmas, Running, and Evil Dogs

Ok fellow bloggers....this Fourth of July was an expensive holiday for this household. I haven't blogged because I've been out SPENDING MONEY!! First of all...Monday I got the itch to go furniture shopping because of the wonderful sales that occur around this time of the year in the furniture industry. Needless to say, yes I bought some furniture for the home: 2 chairs for our living room area and then this little wall settee thing with a mirror and lamp. The chairs were custom they won't be in for 8-10 weeks! :( But the other purchases will be in next week. I'll make sure to show you the pretties when they arive. :)

But, since I got all sorts of girlie furniture and the husband went along and participated....he said...let's look at plasma TVs. The thing is...we've wanted to buy one since we moved into our place over a year and a half ago. We have this little fireplace in between two windows with a big open wall above it. It is one of those gas we wanted to put a flat screen TV above there. Finances have been tight (ok well really still are)...but we saw a great deal and alas...there we were buying a Plasma Freaking TV too!! I know, I know....crazy shoppers!!

So turns out that plasma TV wall mounting is way complex. You need all these crazy HDMI cables and surge protectors...not to mention getting an electrical socket put above the fireplace, figuring out how to fish wires through walls, finding the right wall mount (flush or tilt), etc., etc....and of course...being the perfectionist I am, I refuse to spend more than I have to. So today I spent a ton of time online searching for the best materials and methods to go ahead and mount this sucker on the wall. I can't wait for the freaking thing to just be done with and up!! It will take some time for sure...but until I can show you the finished is what we have to look forward to!

Now...onto the RUNNING!!! I know, shopping just totally outweighed running reports!! Where are my priorities?!!? :)

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't follow Hal's cross training requirements. After Saturday's long run, there was no cross training on Sunday and I totally didn't make up for it on Monday (because after work on Monday...I of course opted for furniture shopping and a random plasma TV purchase) So I need to make sure to get those cross training days in...I'm a slacker at cross training! BAD BAD BAD!

But Tuesday, after some furniture finalizations, I had to run my 3 miles on the DREADMILL because it was God aweful humid and hot out. I never hated the treadmill before...but boy do I now. It was a rather uneventful run...3 miles/30 minutes. Eh, whatever.

Tonight after work, I had to play with the dogs and make sure they ate some dinner because Nick was on call and they were locked up in their crates all day. After they ate, I played with them for a while and then geared up for my 4 mile run. I had to do it around my small neighborhood, which translates into annoying running around the same blocks and streets just to get to 2 I had to double that...YUCK. But I got the run done and am happy about it.

4 Miles

Mile 1= 9:52

Mile 2 = 9:53

Mile 3= 9:41

Mile 4= 9:41

So after the run, I decide I'm going to stretch in my backyard and put the dogs out side with me so they can play around. Since we live in a townhouse...they must be on their respective leashes because we don't have a fence. As I'm putting my small doggie, Coco, out to do her "potty duties" my older dog (or shall I say "bitch") decides she is going to dart out the door without her leash for a nice game of cat and mouse with mommy (aka ME). I wanted to kill her! She ran around like a maniac for oh ... at least 30 minutes ... I tried everything in my arsenal to coax her back into the house or sit her ass down. Nothing worked ... her favorite little soccer ball ... greenies ... treats ... nothing! So finally my mother came over and OH YES ... little Peaches decided she would run into the house for her grandma! EVIL little white poof ball!!

So after some grass burns from my diving attempts at catching her and several mosquito bites ... Peaches is safe and sound where she loves to be ... in my BED! Thus, Running Rabit is not alone in the quest for space in her own bed. Ironically my dog looks like her dog's long lost twin. SIDE NOTE: Blogger sucks because even though 2 minutes ago I was able to upload a picture, I am no longer able to do so...sry can't show you pics of Evil Dog in action! :(

I have to end this post now...because the EVIL white poof ball is laying next to me whining because she is tired and I am disturbing her sleep! :) Good night all!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kinda Bored

Because my husband is on call all day and night and I'm home alone with my pups. So I just thought I'd give a quick update on today's 7 miler.

I woke up around 6:45 and drove over to my mom's...she is so awesome because she is giving me moral support when I have to run alone. She came out and did some walking/jogging/biking while I endured 7 miles the the best of my ability. I'm not gonna was was darn hard! But I finished it all and only walked for 1 minute around 6 miles to get my heartrate down some. I'm proud of myself because this is the longest I've ever run outside. My record is 10 miles on the treadmill...but for me road running outdoors requires much more physical endurance than treadmill.

So anyways, here are my stats from the run.

Mile 1 = 9:58
Mile 2 = 9:38
Mile 3 = 9:42
Mile 4 = 9:43
Mile 5 = 9:35
Mile 6 = 10:23 (walked for about a minute or so)
Mile 7 = 9:18

I'm pretty darn happy about the run. It was pretty hot out this morning and I was dying for water around Mile 3 or so...luckily there was a fountain at was fantastic!!

Since this morning I've not done anything too productive. My mom and I drove around and looked at some houses for sale...for fun...yes it was fun! Then I came home, showered, played with the dogs, and went out to Super Target for a few items. Not a very exciting Saturday...but I miss Nick lots!! I hate that he is working all day and night...but we are off together for the 4th!! So excited.

So now I think I will go relax and hope that my legs aren't feeling broken tomorrow when I wake up...for sure going to have to cross train them to loosen up!! Until then...have a great weekend everyone!!

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