Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Home Stretch...Only 25 Training Runs Left

WOW...I cannot believe that I only have 25 training runs left before the big day!! I'm very excited/nervous about the final 6 weeks of training. The week off was wonderful. I wasn't looking forward to getting back out last night, but I did it anyways. Nick and I headed out for an 8 miler and we did just that. The first 2-3 miles did NOT feel good at all. My legs were tired and I felt a bit winded, but after that things started getting back into a groove...until about mile 6 or so where I began to experience an excruciating pain throughout my left shoulder and down the front of my arm. I'm not sure what the heck happened, but I tried to adjust my arm swing and positioning, but nothing really helped.

Also, my legs were a bit sore...I'm hoping that the new Brooks I bought from the running store are ok. I'm such a Mizuno girl, but they didn't have the shoes I wanted in. Here is the new far the verdict is still out!

Here are my splits from the 8 Miles (average 9:45)

Mile 1 = 9:39

Mile 2 = 9:43

Mile 3 = 9:40

Mile 4 = 9:42

Mile 5 = 9:58

Mile 6 = 9:46

Mile 7 = 9:32

Mile 8 = 9:52

After I got home from the run, the shoulder continued to give me trouble. So I slathered some Icy-Hot all over it and went to sleep. This morning it is still not feeling 100%. I hope that this issue resolves itself REAL quick!

Tonight I have 5 miles on tap...hopefully the shoulder isn't a huge issue. Then tomorrow I'm thinking I may try and do some cross training or yoga at the gym to loosen up a bit for Saturday morning's 12 miler.

I have to go to Houston for work on Monday and Tuesday, which I am not at all excited about. The travelling is exhausting because it makes for very long work days. I'm going to try to get 4 miles in either Monday evening or Tuesday morning...but it totally depends on how much work I have to do while I'm down there.

I'm already counting down the time until my next vacation. Exciting news in my family is that my little sister got engaged!! This year will be super busy with planning her wedding. Quick update on Vegas...I didn't loose any money because I don't gamble, I didn't get wasted at all either! Additionally, I discovered that even though I am only 26, I act more like I am a grandma...I'd rather laze about all day and evening than spend way too much money to jam into a club that is nothing more than a meat market....boy how things have changed since college. :)

I just realized that I have only been hard core running since around the beginning of April, when I did the Shamrock Shuffle. I have to stop being so hard on myself and realize that this marathon training isn't supposed to be isn't easy for anyone. But I think I've come a long way since the beginning of the I'm damn proud. And I'm not going to blame myself for taking a week off anymore...I'm back for the home stretch and ready to kick this marathon's ass! :)

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