Thursday, October 26, 2006

NOT a morning bird...but want to be...HELP!

Ok, so I didn't wake up this morning for the workout I planned on Is this a surprise? No!

I have decided that I have a serious problem right now motivating to wake up in the morning to work out and then by the evening it becomes a chore. Bottom line is that my jiggly ass NEEDS to motivate in the morning because come after work time, this chica does NOT like to work out. So how am I to do this? Maybe I need to set up some system of self reward? Ie....workout 3x a week before work and I get to buy a pair of shoes? Hmmm....this could be fun! Nick...what do you think?!? ;)

So yeah...I still have the snooze problem. I love the damn snooze bar...I just can't motivate to pop right out of bed and get going. WTF? Anyone have any tips on how they motivate to rise so early. Now that we'll be turning the clocks back and good old day light savings time goes bye-bye...combined with the fact that it doesn't get light until like oh 9am in Chi-town in the winter....I need HELP peeps!

Tomorrow I'm GOING to do it. I swear...I swear...I swear! I will do this because that way I'll have my Friday night to myself and can spend some quality time with my hubby, who is on call all night tonight...I HATE when he is on call. Not only do I hate when he is on call because he is not with me...but I have NO distraction in the am from his usual morning antics.

Now it is time for me to give my furry children some quality time and then of course spend some quality time with Dr.!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Birthday to Coco (aka Loker)

While I know very well that little Coco will not be able to appreciate my blog shout out to her...I can't help but wish her a very happy first birthday! I still thank God everyday for returning her to us safely so we can celebrate many more birthdays with her. Happy Birthday Lokester! (that is her nickname)

So in other news...I was ROBBED yesterday. Yes, you heard me correctly. Some vagrant stole my very nice Coach bag from under my desk at work complete with wallet, journal, and very important things (like my favorite MAC lipgloss). Needless to say I was enraged when I went to leave for work (on time mind you...which is rare) and my bag was MIA! I cancelled ALL of my credit cards, went to the bank for at least an hour closing out and reopening a checking account...which means that I had to miss my workout. So I was one pissed camper! I mean I went so far as to put all my workout clothes in my car. GRRR!!

BUT, low and behold...someone dumped my purse into the train station garbage can and a police officer found it. I recovered the stolen goods this morning and all that was missing was the $6 bucks I had in my wallent. I guess the joke was on the theif....I should wear a sign that says I am broke and don't carry cash fools! :) But all is good now...I have my special bag that was a gift from my parents for my swearing in ceremony last year. I love the bag...I'm glad I have it back!!

So, tonight I will have to workout AND go to the grocery store. Don't you hate when your plans are foiled by things beyond your control?!?! Ah's Lokers Birthday...and she is home with THAT is something to smile about.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Goals and Re-Prioritizing

Ok so now that the LBCM is over and I've shed all my tears about not participating, I thought it was time to revamp my blog, set some new goals, and re-prioritize. So here we go!!

I'm tired of feeling upset and lazy because if my knee/hip pain that came about around the 16 mile long runs in Hal's training program. So on Sunday I told myself that I would not pout anymore. I made a commitment to get back into the gym and get cross training and lifting to build up the strength and flexibility so I can be ready to hit the ground running with a half marathon training program in February. As you can see on my sidebar, I have three races in mind right now for 2007:
  1. Shamrock Shuffle (Sunday, March 27th)
  2. Chicago Distance Classic (date not yet released)
  3. Maui Half Marathon (Sunday, September 16th)

Yes, you read that correctly...I will be running a half marathon on the island of my dreams!! Therefore, I will be running right there on that street only steps away from the Pacific Ocean next September!!! How perfect is that? I mean, it is poetic really. Tara, of Tara's Dreamer Tales, will be running a half marathon in beautiful, sunny Maui next September. Nick and I had the trip lined up for two weeks as a 2 year anniversary gig and it just so happens that we will be in Maui for this race. So my friends, I AM SIGNING UP!!!

Sidenote--for all you triathletes out there who may stumble upon my blog...please take note!! I am seriously considering taking up tri training. I was a competitive swimmer for over ten years, so swimming really comes naturally for me. However, I do not own a bike and do not pretend to know how to bike. I would love to do the Chicago Accenture Triathlon next summer as well, but obviously I need to purchase a bike and figure out how to fit that race into my training schedule. If any of you have tips on what kind of bike I should buy and how I can keep the price under the $500 range for starters I would greatly appreciate it.

Alrighty, now that I've taken care of the side note....back to my re-prioritizing.

In order to be physically ready for next year, I'm forcing myself to get back into tip top cardiovascular shape. So you know what that means, right? Well if not, it means 6 days a week at the gym doing cardio everyday and mixing in some weight lifting. I need to get disciplined again and now is the time.

Additionally, I need to try and lose about 5-10 pounds so my body has less stress from impact in the spring. I also need to do this for my sanity and to make myself happy. Also, I need to do it so my poor husband can quit listening to me bitch about it non-stop. I'm such a freak, I know!!

So here's to my new goals and priorities. I expect each and every one of my readers to keep me accountable. I'm going to do my best to be a faithful blogger and keep up for once and for all!!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Please pardon the mess...I'm revamping right now...sick of the pink!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here they are folks....little Coco and her big sister Peaches. This was the day when we got Coco back. Needless to say, everyone is happy again!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Bow Out...

Ok, so the title says it all. I feel like such a quitter and I NEVER I'm still rationalizing everything in my head. But the bottom line is that life just got way too complicated for me to finish this training and be ready for the marathon. It is a big disappointment for me, but over the past few weeks I've come to accept the fact that I am only one person and that I cannot control the knee pain that started up about a month ago now.

Since I need to rationalize for myself and because I don't want to look like a goes the saga of my life for the past month. After my return from Vegas, running wasn't fun anymore. My knee and hip started killing after short distances and when I say short...I mean like 2 miles, which should have alone been enough to make me stop training. But no, I continued through the pain...hating every second and crying way more than I should have.

Then something tragic happened. When I was on one of my weekly trips for work my husband took a trip to visit his grandma and took our two beloved pups with him. I was gone for a Monday and Tuesday and returned Tuesday evening. To my dismay upon my return, my mother greeted me at my door with the news that my little baby Coco was gone. She got loose when Nick's grandmother was looking after her while he was to dinner with his brother. My poor little cute 7 pound puppy, who hadn't even turned one yet was out, loose in the wild with her retractable leash attached to her.

The next 72 hours were literally the worst of my life. I've never cried so hard and hurt so much. For those of you who don't have dogs or who don't know what it is like to love an animal, this may seem trivial...but Coco is our baby...we love her like a child and this was the most devastating feeling to loose her. Nick and I went back searching for her the next day, put up signs everywhere, and had to leave again without her.

At this point, I mentally checked out of running and the Marathon because...well...frankly running the race meant nothing to me compared to the emptiness I was feeling without her in my life. Then MAGICALLY somehow God brought her back home....yes it is true!! Coco has been reunited with her big sister and her mom and dad.

Somehow that precious little dog made it through one hell of a thunderstorm and three days without food out in the middle of nowhere with corn fields and ravines and graveyards, and expressways....she SURVIVED and is flawless. I thank God so much for bringing her home to us!!

Needless to say...I tried so hard to get back into training, but I just wasn't into it anymore. I missed too much training during this timeframe and when I tried to run again, my knee and hip tormented me even worse. So I have a serious case of IT Band Injury right now, but at least I have my Coco back.

This year...the Chicago Marathon wasn't in my cards. I could have pushed it and hurt myself worse, but my body has limits. And I pushed too far...right after Coco came back I came down with the worst cold/flu ever. My body was tired, stressed, sleep deprived and I just can't do it now. But I've accepted it and I'm working on my knee...doing some cross training and lots of stretching trying to get the knee and hip back to normal so I can get back to running. I'm not done with running....I'm gonna keep it up.....but maybe just stick to 1/2 Marathons from now on.

I can't be perfect and this is just life catching up with me. But I've grown so much this past month. I appreciate everything God has blessed me with and am a true believer in Miracles now. I prayed my heart out and God gave our dog back to us when we thought for sure she was dead. Now I'm focusing on enjoying life and my husband and my dogs and free time.

I've been keeping up with your blogs here and all rock and are going to kick the Marathon's ass!!!!! You're all in my prayers in this home stretch....but don't think I won't be back....I'm still a dreamer....and I'm already dreaming up my next dream!!!!

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