Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Comeback?

Well last night I surprised myself at the gym. I knew I wanted/needed to do some serious cardio to feel better I jumped on the treadmill and set it for 60 minutes. I started with a nice, easy job to make sure that my neck didn't object and the good news is that it didn't at all.

I ended up running (with a few walk breaks) for 45 minutes.

45 minute run/walk
4.3 miles
500 calories

So yeah...I'm pretty pumped about it. My speeds ranged from a nice easy 5.5 jog to a more brisk pace of 6.5. All in all I am not as out of shape as I thought I would be. Today I'm not really feeling that sore either. SO YIPPIE!! Here's to my running comeback!!

Tonight my goal is to run 3 miles and lift weights. Until then...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ouchie! :(

Ok, so my neck and head have been semi-suffering since the weekend . . . Hence the "Ouchie" title of this post. Therefore, I do not have any workout related information to report. I'm going to try my best to do some cardio tonight. (The workout clothes are already in my I need not worry about a detour home)

So yesterday I took the day off work because my boss (being the lawyer he is) insisted that I go see a doctor about my head pain and neck soreness from the accident. I went to the doctor, who basically said I'm fine, that soreness is to be expected and gave me some nice "suped up Advil."

I was going to go and do the Strong class last night, but since it involves some pretty heavy lifting for shoulders and such, I thought it would be better to lay on my couch, take a bath, and just relax. So I did just that. Went to bed nice and early and woke up today feeling a bit better.

I cannot believe Turkey Day is already a week away. I am greatful for this because that means A THREE DAY WORK WEEK!! Yippie!

Also, next Wednesday night I am going to see the Pirate Queen with my husband and parents. I'm really looking forward to that also.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yet Another Setback what could possibly throw off my new workout schedule? Well besides my crazy travel schedule for work and my exhaustion? How about a nice case of WHIPLASH?

As if I haven't already been slacking enough...toss a nice huge rear-ender onto my Saturday night. Nick and I were coming home from a nice visit with my parents, sister, and her fiance, when all of the sudden some teenager slams into the back of our car while we were at a stop light. Her immediate (DUMB) reaction was..."oh gosh, I'm so sorry...I was looking at my cell phone and didn't see you)!!! WTF?!? So immediately after the collision I felt a bit neck had a burning sensation and this kinda radiated to my shoulder and right arm. I just went home and slept it off. Yesterday I was feeling just kinda groggy and out of out it in the I took a nap, which is rare mind you...and still slept kinda icky. Headache is in full force today, so I'm hoping that this will be the worst of it and it will all go away after my yoga session tonight. So, yeah...grrrr!!! :(

Anyways, brief update on my workouts. Seeing that Thursday was shot with travelling, I didn't workout and Friday I was just darn tired by the time I got home from Houston. So I just decided to rest. Saturday morning Nick and I did go to the spin class, which was all anaerobic...which meant lots of sprinting and hill riding. Loved the class.

But yesterday's strong class was skipped because well frankly my body was begging not to be pushed after Saturday night's incident. So my faithful readers, I have resorted to what I feel is "slacking" again. I know I did pretty decent at last Sunday-Wednesday...then just skipped Thursday and Friday...for good reason. And managed to get back into it Saturday morning...but I HATE SKIPPING workouts. I feel like I have to start all over with the "routine-building" because I skipped shit. Ok, enough of my crazy ranting.

In other news...Nick and I did go out and begin some purchases for the Christmas extravaganza this winter....outdoor lights have been purchased for our townhome and cookie cutters were purchased to make scrumptious sugar cookies. I cannot freakin' believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday already!! CRAZY!!

I'm going to catch up on some blog reading in a bit. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Just to keep my spirits up and hopefully brighten everyone's day who reads this is on next September 15th-30th. Nick and I will be heading back to the beautiful island of Maui to enjoy some time off and spend some time with my fabulous parents. Look out Maui .... we're coming back!!

Big Beach, Makena Maui

Also...after reading Nicole's blog I remembered one more race I wanted to sign up for next year. For sure I'm going to do the Soldier Field 10 miler. Thanks Nicole for the reminder!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yoga Report

The verdict on yoga is in...I LOVED IT! I thought I would think yoga was too foo-foo and not enough cardio, but let me tell you...I was so wrong. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think I can solely practice yoga and feel fulfilled in terms of my exercise regime, but I think Yoga adds multitudes of benefit. A special thanks to blogger Lance for encouraging me to try yoga! Thanks Lance!!

My favorite pose during the class was the "tree pose," which is demonstrated to the left. However, I did a slightly modified verion of this and my foot was just below my where as high as that woman's is...but I digress. I think yoga is excellent for gaining strength and flexibility. I also find that it really relaxed me and made me become more aware of myself and my need to breath better during the day. I am going to try to start practicing yoga 3 days a week and go from there. I also slept like a baby after the class...which I think is a result of the destressing that came during the class. So, I'll be trying to do Yoga 3x a week now: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think it is something that is necessary right now for my peace of mind and sanity. So it is well worth the extra time in the gym.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my rant about the scale. I know that I need to focus on being happy with my body and not obsessing about numbers. I am trying my best to focus on working out and eating healthy...if the numbers happen to drop...that will just be an added bonus. I'll just have to keep reminding myself of this.

So brief update on this weeks workouts...

Sunday: 2 mile run + Strong Class
Monday: Yoga Class
Tuesday: 2 mile run + Lifting (arms)
Goal for tonight: 2 mile run + Yoga Class

I'll have to skip tomorrow's workout because I have to be on a plane by 8 am to Houston. And won't be done with my workday until close to 9 pm and then have to be up for a 7 am flight back to Chicago Friday morning.

Friday evening my goal is to do another 2 mile run and a Yoga Class. Next week I have no travel for work, so I am going to rock the workouts next week. Also, I came to the realization this morning that I just CANNOT do the morning workouts. So I've come to accept the fact that I just will be relegated to working out at night. Maybe once spring is back in the air, I'll be more motivated to workout in the mornings...but until then...I'll just continue to hibernate in the mornings.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I'm starting to feel more positive and I will continue my workouts even though its hard right now because I'm in that routine setting period. I hear it takes like 3 weeks to set a hopefully by December this will all be cake. :)

Oh yeah...speaking of December. We're having CHRISTMAS at our house this year. So you'll all get to experience the "Griswald-ification" of my household. (My husband is insane over Christmas and really is just like Clark Griswald). Nick and I are planning on buying a real tree this year...this will be a first. I'm also beginning to gear up for hosting Christmas and am trying to come up with a crafty gift to make all of the guests....yes you heard it....Tara is actually acting like a "house-wife." :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Updates and Scale Rant

So, I haven't been slacking...I started my workout regime Saturday morning with a 60 minute spin class. I am still feeling the soreness from the seat...can't wait until that goes away! :)

Then on Sunday I did 2 miles before my Strong class. I paced out at 10:10 min/miles...nice and easy to get back into things. It felt pretty darn good to run again. The Strong class made me realize why I look flabby in areas. I am SO weak. Others in the class were easily lifting double what I was and today I am extra sore still. I am going to keep on going with this weight class because I want to look more cut and defined.

Today I have Yoga at 7:30. I've only done a yoga class once and I felt like an hopefully tonight I end up enjoying the class. If not, I'm going to have to modify the schedule and maybe add in more cardio in the form of swimming on Monday nights instead. But I'm trying to stay positive about Yoga. I hope that it helps with flexibility and helps with relaxation a bit.

Other than that...I have no more exercise related weekend updates. But I did do some other fun things this weekend. On Saturday I accompanied my mom and sister for cake tasting for my sisters wedding. That was fun, except I had a wee bit too much cake, buttercream, and mousse fillings.

Then Saturday night, hubby and I went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants...Uncle Julio's Hacienda. I had a delish dinner, way too much chips and salsa, and THREE, yes count them: one.two.three frozen margaritas and sangria swirlers. Basically a yummy frozen concoction of frozen sangria and margarita. I haven't drank in a while and Sunday I felt bloated and gross. Which...leads of course to my next issue that I need to get in check.

Recently one of my favorite bloggers, Running Rabbit posted about her hatred of the immortal enemy...the scale!! As I read her post, I totally felt her pain. While Running Rabbit is in absolutely excellent condition and shape, as evidenced by her kick ass marathon results, she still feels plauged by the evil scale.

Well, RR you are not alone. I consistently struggle with the scale and with my weight. Everyone around me including my mother and husband probably want to shoot me when I complain that "I'm feeling fat." My poor husband has to listen to me complain about denim and that jeans are the devil and that they hug my ass and thighs way too much. THEN, as some of you ladies out there may experience...he has to indulge my ever obsessing need and desire to conduct what I call a "stretching routine" with my pants.

Let me explain in detail. The routine goes a little something like this. Tara rummages through her closet and finds a pair of jeans that she thinks would be fun to wear. Tara puts on said pair of jeans and begins to get cranky. These jeans happen to have been recently put through the washer and possibly even the dryer. Therefore, Tara attempts to do about a hundred deep knee bends and squats. Then to make matters even more fun she attempts to sit Indian sytle with said jeans on. Then she does more squats and is still unsatisfied with the fit of said denim. Therefore she has to call in the reinforcement troupes...aka...her husband Nick. She politely looks at her husband and requests the stretching routine. Nick grimaces, but obliges as he gently tugs on the waistband of the devil denim while Tara leans forward in the hopes that this technique will make her feel better in the denim. Ultimately the jeans probably look the same as they did when I first put them on, which Nick swears is in the "not too tight" category...but I on the other hand, HAVE to go through the routine because the jeans feel TOO tight and I just need to have them stretched.

So, for those of you ready to kill me for boring you with this story...the moral of the story is that Tara is NOT happy with her body. It is to that point of the year again, where I am every November right before Christmas time. Where I try on clothes, do the stretching technique, almost cry and just get cranky. Yet, I still had those Tostitos with chillie cheese dip yesterday and still had some ice cream last night. The fact that the dip was made with fat free cream cheese and that the ice cream was light does not make me feel any better.

Couple all of this with the fact that my daily scale shenanigans today showed a number that disgusted me and the result is one upset and tormented Tara. So my plan to combat this problem is to try and mentally accept the fact that 135 pounds on the scale may never happen for me. Try as I may, I may never be able to break the 140 barrier which has been in place for the last four years.

I know that in the next few months with my new exercise and weight plan, the numbers will likely go up before they come down. Muscle does weigh more than fat, but somehow I still can't get it through my dumb head. I really need to come to terms with my eating also. I admit that I often think less is more on the food front. Despite all contrary evidence that 6 smaller meals a day is the best way to lose and maintain weight loss, I consistently find myself watching calories and telling myself that if I keep my calories down I should lose weight. Well today is a reality check for me. I haven't lost any weight utilizing this technique in ages now. So I'm going to do my best to change this mentality.

Ok, enough of my rant. Thanks for reading this far, if you have had the patience! :) I'll let you all know how Yoga goes tonight.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. I have to go back to Texas on Thursday and Friday, so my Thursday workout will be missed. I'm going to try my best to motivate to do Friday mornings workout after work Friday.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coming up with a Schedule

Ok, so I'm a schedule whore. I need a schedule otherwise I won't workout. Since my first race of 2007 will be the Shamrock Shuffle on March 25th, I really can't get down and dirty with running quite yet. But I've already decided I'm going to start training in earnest for that race at the end of January. Then, after that race, I'll gradually build up my running mileage and get to the half marathons in the late summer.

But for now, I need another focus...and I think my new focus until the end of January is to work damn hard on cross training, spinning, yoga, and or pilates to get into great physical shape. I want to start eating healthier as well and ultimately would like to be about 10 pounds lighter by the time I start full fledged running again in January. I just need to figure out a way to accomplish all of this.

So I think since I do pay a hefty sum to workout at my gym that I am going to utilize all of the wonderful classes. I am going to try to incorporate a lifting regime as well. There are lifting classes at my gym. Gotta love Lifetime Fitness.

So I'm going to figure out a way to get to the gym 6 days a week right now. Ok, so here it is...the plan for the next few months for me and Lifetime Fitness.

MON: Yoga class at 7:30 p.m.

TUES: Strong class at 5:30 p.m. followed by some cross training action

WEDS: Cycle class at 5:30 a.m.

THURS: Strong class at 5:30 a.m. followed by at least a 30 minute run

FRI: Cross train action at 6:00 a.m.

SAT: 8 a.m. or 9:15 a.m. cycle class

SUN: Strong class at 9:30 a.m. followed by at least a 30 minute run

And guess what guys...I'm going to do this and stick with it. Starting tomorrow morning I'm going to be on this schedule. I'm going to set an alarm clock away from my bed to FORCE me to get up for those morning workouts during the week. I can and WILL do this. Here's to having a damn schedule!!

P.S. For my family that lurks out, dad, mom, and niko....leave me some damn love already would ya?!?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Houston Gal

Ok folks...just as an FYI, my job sent me to handle a hospital takeover in Houston this week...but I'm not MIA. I've just been so busy! I'll be coming home back to working out tomorrow! :) More then...

Also, I hope you like this new blog format. The last template was giving me some trouble...but here it is. AND I'm done changing it and being psychitzo blog girl!

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