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A Comeback?

Well last night I surprised myself at the gym. I knew I wanted/needed to do some serious cardio to feel better mentally...so I jumped on the treadmill and set it for 60 minutes. I started with a nice, easy job to make sure that my neck didn't object and the good news is that it didn't at all.

I ended up running (with a few walk breaks) for 45 minutes.

45 minute run/walk
4.3 miles
500 calories

So yeah...I'm pretty pumped about it. My speeds ranged from a nice easy 5.5 jog to a more brisk pace of 6.5. All in all I am not as out of shape as I thought I would be. Today I'm not really feeling that sore either. SO YIPPIE!! Here's to my running comeback!!

Tonight my goal is to run 3 miles and lift weights. Until then...

Fitness never strays too far away Tara :-)

In the immortal words of LL Cool J, "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years." Thanks for putting that song in my head Tara really thanks a million. ;)

Oh and I am curious is it prounounced "Tear ah" or "Tar ah"? Just so I am not pronouncing your name in my head wrong when I comment on your blog. :)

Awesome pace, Tara! You still got it!

Nice job, Tera! Way to get out there and get 'er done!

You rock! I'm duly impressed with such stick-to-it-iveness!! :)

Did you **really** think that you weren't a runner? You silly nut! I better see you at the Shamrock shuffle come March!! :-)

Way to get back in there! I need to try to make a comeback myself this upcoming week.

Nice work, Tara. Making a comeback is always great news.

Great job on the cardio Tara! Here's to a great 2007.

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