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Ouchie! :(

Ok, so my neck and head have been semi-suffering since the weekend . . . Hence the "Ouchie" title of this post. Therefore, I do not have any workout related information to report. I'm going to try my best to do some cardio tonight. (The workout clothes are already in my car...so I need not worry about a detour home)

So yesterday I took the day off work because my boss (being the lawyer he is) insisted that I go see a doctor about my head pain and neck soreness from the accident. I went to the doctor, who basically said I'm fine, that soreness is to be expected and gave me some nice "suped up Advil."

I was going to go and do the Strong class last night, but since it involves some pretty heavy lifting for shoulders and such, I thought it would be better to lay on my couch, take a bath, and just relax. So I did just that. Went to bed nice and early and woke up today feeling a bit better.

I cannot believe Turkey Day is already a week away. I am greatful for this because that means A THREE DAY WORK WEEK!! Yippie!

Also, next Wednesday night I am going to see the Pirate Queen with my husband and parents. I'm really looking forward to that also.

I get a 3 day work week too. WHOOOHOO!

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