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Yet Another Setback

Ok...so what could possibly throw off my new workout schedule? Well besides my crazy travel schedule for work and my exhaustion? How about a nice case of WHIPLASH?

As if I haven't already been slacking enough...toss a nice huge rear-ender onto my Saturday night. Nick and I were coming home from a nice visit with my parents, sister, and her fiance, when all of the sudden some teenager slams into the back of our car while we were at a stop light. Her immediate (DUMB) reaction was..."oh gosh, I'm so sorry...I was looking at my cell phone and didn't see you)!!! WTF?!? So immediately after the collision I felt a bit off...my neck had a burning sensation and this kinda radiated to my shoulder and right arm. I just went home and slept it off. Yesterday I was feeling just kinda groggy and out of out it in the evening...so I took a nap, which is rare mind you...and still slept kinda icky. Headache is in full force today, so I'm hoping that this will be the worst of it and it will all go away after my yoga session tonight. So, yeah...grrrr!!! :(

Anyways, brief update on my workouts. Seeing that Thursday was shot with travelling, I didn't workout and Friday I was just darn tired by the time I got home from Houston. So I just decided to rest. Saturday morning Nick and I did go to the spin class, which was all anaerobic...which meant lots of sprinting and hill riding. Loved the class.

But yesterday's strong class was skipped because well frankly my body was begging not to be pushed after Saturday night's incident. So my faithful readers, I have resorted to what I feel is "slacking" again. I know I did pretty decent at last Sunday-Wednesday...then just skipped Thursday and Friday...for good reason. And managed to get back into it Saturday morning...but I HATE SKIPPING workouts. I feel like I have to start all over with the "routine-building" because I skipped shit. Ok, enough of my crazy ranting.

In other news...Nick and I did go out and begin some purchases for the Christmas extravaganza this winter....outdoor lights have been purchased for our townhome and cookie cutters were purchased to make scrumptious sugar cookies. I cannot freakin' believe Thanksgiving is next Thursday already!! CRAZY!!

I'm going to catch up on some blog reading in a bit. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Just to keep my spirits up and hopefully brighten everyone's day who reads this blog...it is on next September 15th-30th. Nick and I will be heading back to the beautiful island of Maui to enjoy some time off and spend some time with my fabulous parents. Look out Maui .... we're coming back!!

Big Beach, Makena Maui

Also...after reading Nicole's blog I remembered one more race I wanted to sign up for next year. For sure I'm going to do the Soldier Field 10 miler. Thanks Nicole for the reminder!!

Don't beat yourself up over a couple of missed workouts. If your body says "rest", then rest. The next day, move on to the next workout. I make a schedule and I am constantly have to shift things around.

Hope you are feeling back to normal very soon!!! :)

Tara, we both are slacking big time from injuries. Sounds like you need to talk with OOSG and see if he can fix you up. Chiropractic ROCKS....and a good heating pad too.

Don't get to crazy about missing workouts. You don't want to get to burnt out to early.. Glad you are okay. Crazy teen age drivers..

You know life happens so don't feel bad. Plus this is a crazy time of the year so just do the best you can and you will get back into the swing of things.

Love the picture of Maui - my family went there 14 years ago and it is beautiful as I remember!

I'm glad you'll be out at Solider Field - it should be fun.

Oh shit thats beautiful...let's go back now. LOVE IT!! We'll be in great shape by then Tara.

I love you, mommacita

Don't be TOO upset about the missed workouts...that's life! Life is full of suprises!

I hope your "whiplash" hasn't left you in too much pain.

P.S. I wanna go to Maui!

Life is too darn short and busy to fill yourself with worry about missed workouts. Miss too many... then start to worry. Miss a few here and there and you're fine. You've got goals set and you will succeed. Keep at it.

Got to love those punk a$$ kids...hope you heal up real good.

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