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Becoming a Dreamgirl

I'm on my way...that's right! I'm on my way to become my own "dreamgirl." I am the constant perfectionist and I am ready to dedicate my life to a health lifestyle. I'm pretty good with working out, but my eating habits are not as good. So in accordance with my pursuit of perfection I will begin a high protein and semi low carb diet. I do not want to eliminate carbs because well (1) I love them; (2) I feel like I need them for running; and (3) Did I mention I love them? :)

Anyways, tonight I'm going to go to the gym with Nick and knock three miles out on the treadmill and do some lifting/stretching. Then I'm going to get me some protein powder.

I cannot seem to get enough protein in my regular diet without adding a protein supplement.

Also, I'm going to start using Sparkpeople on a regular basis to monitor my calorie intake. I think this is the only way for me to get out of this weight loss slump. I just cannot seem to get under my current weight. Its like I'm stuck there and can't get under it. Even when I workout, I still stay there. All last week my weight stood steady at this damn number. I REALLY WANT TO DROP 6 pounds by April 5th. This is a really reasonable goal and I need to just "get 'er done" already.

I'm hoping to increase my lean muscle mass and simultaneously drop excess fat pounds. Hopefully the protein will help. I am going to accomplish this goal for once and for all. I hope that along the way I get my eating habits under control.

One more goal = to have at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is something I currently struggle with...so here's to becoming a dreamgirl.

Sounds like a good plan.  Best of luck losing the pounds!

By the way, have you ever been to Traineo?  Great, free weight-loss website.

Good luck Tara, the only protien type supplement I could ever stomach is Endurox as a recovery but now I have gone to Chocolate Milk. mmmmmmm much better. :)

Good luck Tara, the only protien type supplement I could ever stomach is Endurox as a recovery but now I have gone to Chocolate Milk. mmmmmmm much better. :)

You're so focused, but don't forget to enjoy life a bit and stop worrying about FIVE pounds. I wish that's all I had to worry about. Life is too damn short to go insane about the scale. GIRL you are beautiful and I love you!


Protein powder smoothie with fresh fruit and milk is very healthy way. Good luck! Keep us with the healthy habits.

When I knocked off soda the first of the month, I began drinking more water. 1 nalgene bottle (32oz) in the AM before lunch, 1 in the afternoon before the school day is over, and then try to gulp down atleast another one before bed! I can't beleive how much better I feel! Plus, I feel as if it really helps me from getting injured with my running!

Let me know how that protein powder works out for you! God knows I don't get enough protein myself!

It sounds like we have very similar goals - I just recently posted about changing my diet. I also want to beach ready for my wedding expect I have more than 5 pounds to go.

Good luck and thanks for the inspiration.

What are the official duties of a "dreamgirl"? :-)

Well...you are well on your way...dream girl. :-)

Time for a new blog post.

Amen..how are you doing?

happy Valentine's Day, Tara! Hope you and your hubby had a nice eavening together!

Hello?... Anybody home?...

COME ON T!!! You are a worse blogger than me!!!! :-)

Tara, are you still running Shamrock this year?  Send me your e-mail address so I can invite you to my Shamrock After-Party.  I'm at fullmetallunchbox@gmail.com

Hope to see you around.


OH Tara!!! Where have you been?

Hi Tara! We miss you in blog land!

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