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Yes, I realize it has been way too long...I'm not even going to begin trying to make excuses for my piss poor blogging. But, I have good news. I have been running now steadily since December 29th. I got a three day jump start on my New Year's resolution to get back into running. I did miss it alot.

So here is my brief running update.

12/29: 3 miles
12/30: 3 miles
12/31: 4 miles
1/1: Rest
1/2: 3 miles
1/3: 3 miles
1/4: missed
1/5: 3 miles
1/6: 3 miles
1/7: 4 miles
1/8: Rest
1/9: 3 miles
1/10: 3 miles

I do believe that this counts for sure as "on a roll!" :) I am very excited to be back into things. I am for sure taking it slow though. I do not run any faster than a 10 min mile pace. I've just been cruising along on the treadmill for the past two weeks and I must admit I am damn proud to be "back in the game" so to speak.

So, I think this weekend I am going to register for the Shamrock Shuffle. Who else is running it? Hubby can't do it with me because he is on call, so unless I convince my sister to run it...this girl will be running solo.

Happy New Year everyone!! I'm going to start catching up with all of your blogs now too. :)

Total weekly mileage thus far (starting from Sunday): 10 miles

Goal for rest of week
Thursday: 4 miles and situps
Friday: 3 miles and lift
Saturday: 3 miles plus extra half hour of cardio

Welcome back tara! Even though it's been a while...I knew you were coming back and I kept checking for you! Nice job on your runs!!!

YAYYYYYY! You are back! Whooohoo! I am planning on doing the Shamrock Shuffle myself. Cannot wait!

NOOO!!! I'll run it with you!!! If you stick to it this time! **hee hee hee hee**

Awsome to see you back on the horse, or treadmill or whatever. :) Glad your injury is feeling almost 100% again. I will see you at the shuffle! Registering this weekend myself. :)

Tara's back!!! :-)

So, glad you are back. I'm running the Shuffle so if you need to meet up with someone let me know.

Hi, Tara!  I want you to know that I can almost totally relate to your experience from last year.  Even though I did end up finishing the marathon (barely), I missed more than 6 weeks of training before the big day and am trying to work hard this spring to get my momentum back.

It looks like you have 2007 off to a great start.  Just be careful not to ramp up your mileage too quickly beyond what you are doing, lest your old injuries come back.

Glad you'll be in the Shamrock Shuffle.  It's too bad your husband can't make it, but with the other runner bloggers around at least you wont be alone.  And you are welcome to join us at my place after the race for my after-party.

I'm also thinking about the Chicago Distance Classic, if enough cool people sign up.

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