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Questions about Aches and the Goal for April 1st

Ok, so I'm not really one to complain...but since I feel like I want to stay perfectly injury free this running season I think I could use some input from all you running veterans out there (or anyone who has any input at all).

Last night I set out to do my four miler on the treadmill. About 5 mintues into my run, I started feeling this nagging pinching/burning feeling in the bottom of my left foot. After 10 minutes, this feeling turned into more of a stabbing pain. I kept on going though hoping that it would just go away on its own. After 15 minutes of this issue, I paused the good ole treadmill and untied my shoe. I found that massaging the arch of my foot was very sensitive but it felt a bit better. It felt like a knot in my foot. I re-laced, a bit tighter than normal and resumed running. The pain didn't stop and so I decided to call it quits at 3 miles. I did some stretching and it just became a dull pain when walking.

My questions for all of you about this issue are as follows:
  1. What is this nagging pain?
  2. Why is it only bothering me in my left foot?
  3. Is there anything I should be doing to stretch the foot?
  4. Can this be in any way related to the ITB issue I have with my left leg?

Ok, moving on....about the ITB. It hasn't caused any major issues in my new training regime...but I am feeling a bit tender sore on the outside of my left knee today. I'm thinking Mrs. ITB is rearing her ugly head again. I read about foam rolling, but have no idea how to do this. Anyone have any good insights about this issue. I think a bunch of you have this issue.

Ryan, Whitney, OOSG? Please help me before this gets worse. I have no time or money to see a PT right now and I could use some guidance about how to prevent a full on ITB attack.

I'm getting ready to head out of work and head to the gym. On tap is another 3 miler. We'll see if the foot and knee hold up. I'm telling myself now, if I feel any bit of flare up, I'm heading straight to the stair climber for some good old fashioned cardio cross training. Thanks for any help in advance!!!

OK, now onto the goal for April 1st. Nick and I are going for a four night spa resort trip to the JW Marriot in Summerlin, Nevada over Easter. My goal is to look as good, IF NOT BETTER, in a bikini than I did on my honeymoon. That means I need to loose about 7 pounds and gain some serious muscle. I can do it. If you read this far...I guess you can see my desired OUTCOME.

Ok no, seriously...that is more a dream. Here is the REAL DEAL. I'm going to bust my ass the next few months. I know I'll get there...here's to hoping!

Ok Maybe a dumb question but have you ever been really fitted for shoes. I had a lot of nagging pains before I got in the right shoes, seriously lots and lots. Since I found "my" shoe I have had zero issues. I seriously give them most of the credit.

Those are a couple of nice photo's of CD, they were both her right. ;)

Hey sounds like you have a tendonitis of the foot especially the posterior tibial tendon. I had the exact same thing at the beginning of my training. A little words of advice use R.I.C.E. (Rest, ice, compress, and elevate). Email me at michaelprodriguez@gmail.com and i will send u some info.

It kinda of sounds like a Plantar Fascitis issue. Some people get it more than others beacause of a high arch. Definetly something to get good sound advice on. Not me thou, I just know the signs of it. hopefully that at least helps. But find way to strenghten your foot, balance drills and etc.. it might help.

Good luck on your Spa goal.

Simple answers to two of your questions:

FOOT PAIN:  Nothing beats a foot rub for arch pain that we all feel every now and then--especially when you first start running.  My advice: have your husband and close friends rub your sore arch as often as possible.  You can even do this yourself.  I find that gently sliding the thumb crosswise over the muscles in your arch will manage the pain.

FOAM ROLLING:  Here's how to foam roll:

1)  acquire foam roll roller.  I recommend http://optp.com

2)  Like on your side, propped up on your elbow.  Place foam roller under your leg that is closest to the floor, just below the knee.  (Your hip should be off the ground.)

3)  Using your elbow, slowly push your body in the direction of your feet, rolling the roller up your leg all the way to your hip.

4)  Reverse the action so the roller travels back down to your knee.

5)  Repeat several times and then switch legs.

You should use the roller after every run.

Warning:  The first couple of times you use the roller (if you do so correctly) it's gonna hurt like a muddafuker.  That just means it's working.

Good luck!

1. I think the foot problem sounds like plantarfasciitis. Could be tendinits like OOSG said but I bet on PF.

Either way - ice is the best solution. But also keep gastroc and soleus stretched out as well as your PF.

Also, maybe you tied your shoes too tight. I agree with Bob maybe get some new shoes and/or refitted.

2. ITB issues are tricky. New PT research not only do you need to work on keeping it stretched but make sure your low back stays flexible as well - fibers that go into your band start in your lumbar spine. Also, strengthening hip adductors, and gluts will take the load off the ITB.

If you need any other help let me know - I can do PT via email half way well.

Good luck and I think your goal is doable!

1. I agree w/ the foot about planterfacioutious (how the F do you spell it anyway??) yeah, and I'm a teacher! ha. anyway, they sell foot rollers at running stores, such as Fleet Feet. I have one and roll my foot along it. It has rounded ridges so you can really get those knots out.

2. YES< GET A FOAM ROLLER! I bought mine at Fleet Feet. They probably sell them at other running speciality stores.
I also bought THE STICK, which is great b/c you can travel w/ it. Ou can masage your IT Band w/ it. I do it before I run and after...my calfs too.

3. Is there any way you could go to a PT 1 time so they can show you how to properly use a foam roller and show you some strengthening exercises for your IT Band? When I went they told me my hamstrings and gludious medius (we already established I can not spell) were weak, so we did lots of leg lifts, "Clams", hamstring curls, and leg press. We also did lots of painful stretching, massage, and utlrasound. BUT I got better in 1 1/2 moths. I've been pain free since, but I still foam roll/stick and stretch every day. I also still do the strengthening exercises.
4. Thanks for the comments about the dress :) I love it!
5. We booked our honeymoon for August. Going to The Big Island first and then Kauai. Very excited about that. Staying right on the beach in rented units in Kauai.

Goodluck with the pain!

To answer your question from your comment on my blog...

The first half dozen times using the foam roller hurt like hell, but after that it gets easier.  At least that was my experience.

When I went to a PT last summer after my big injury (I myself almost missed the marathon) she manually adjusted my IT band.  Without a doubt, the most painful experience of my life.  And to make matters worse, Phil Collins was playing in the background!

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who feels as if a 35 minute workout can be inadequate! I will definitely have to work on making some changes to that if my schedule allows it!

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